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Parc - Collectif La Station

A nightmare that smells like blood and chlorine, a black comedy that exudes the disillusionment of the "Save Willy" generation.

photo : Leslie Artamonow

Parc 2019

A nightmare that smells like blood and chlorine, a black comedy that exudes the disillusionment of the "Save Willy" generation.


It is from behind the scenes of a water park - where shows with sea lions, dolphins and orcas follow one another - that La Station Collective invites us to take a closer look at a fine team of sea animal trainers.


Anke, Lars, Nicolai and Kania are about to experience a drama that will suddenly force them to glimpse the gloomy backside of the scenery. 


We follow characters filled with contradictions who suddenly see their deepest and most established beliefs and certainties collapse. This opens up depths that are as sensitive as they are cruel.


What happens when, in contemporary entertainment spaces such as water-show parks, these workers - who owe it to themselves to be in total control – are suddenly confronted with an accident that brings them back to what they are: trainers of an unstoppable force? 


PARC is a collective writing on (in)human reactions to shock and it aims to highlight an entertainment society that fascinates us as much as it revolts us.

written and directed by theatergroup La Station, with the help of the entire team

cast : Cédric Coomans, Eléna Doratiotto, Sarah Hebborn, Daniel Schmitz, Kirsten Van Den Hoorn

scenography : Valentin Périlleux

light creation and staging assistance : Octavie Piéron

assistant director : Marion Lory

sound creation : Antonin Simon

dramaturgical support : Olivier Hespel

support for the direction, translation and Dutch-speaking adaptation : Dries Gijsels

light creation assistance : Mélodie Polge

technical direction (on tour) : Caspar Langhoff

diffusion : Leïla Di Gregorio

a La Station / L’ANCRE - Royal Theater production

co-produced by Théâtre de Liège, Atelier 210, kunstencentrum nona & La Coop asbl

with the support of Shelterprod,, ING, Tax-Shelter of the Belgian federal government

with the aid of the Ministry of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation - Theater Service and the cultural cooperation agreement French Community and Flemish Community

support : BAMP, Quai 41, Théâtre des Doms

thanks to : Pierrick De Luca, Lou Hebborn, Nicolas Mouzet-Tagawa, Michel Villée, Isabelle Jonniaux, Jean-Michel Van Den Eeyden, Peter Vandenbempt, Hanne Machielsen, Marie Szernovicz, Charline Rondia, Alice Hebborn, Gwendoline Gauthier, Sarah Lefèvre, Natacha Belova, Guy Carbonelle et la Galafronie, Collectif Une Tribu, Françoise Bloch, Clémence Jussaume and Françoise Hottois.

Prix du jury professionnel - Festival Emulation 2019 - Théâtre de Liège
with the support of the non-profit association Les Amis du Théatre de Liège
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