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The collective considers itself as the theatrical prism of common intuitions and fascination for the human soul, its contradictions and its unfathomable mysteries.

There is something playful in their theatricality. A child remembers what he saw on television the night before and reproduces it together with his classmates in a corner of the yard. Sheltered from the gaze of teachers, these children gathered in their corner of the courtyard, project themselves and embark on their own reinterpretation of a world. By stumbling over certain details and re-appropriating them, they find a "state of play" which captivates them.


It is in this state, this clumsy, excessive and naive attempt to reproduce things that La Station aims to develop their creations.

Ancre 1

Cédric CoomansAfter studying at the Liège Conservatory (ESACT), Cédric Coomans performs both in French and Dutch with companies like Tristero (LEAVE A COMMENT, in 2016 at the kaaitheater), Ontroerend Goed (£ ¥ € $ in 2019 at the Festival d'Avignon) and Clinic Orgasm Society. He performs in Dutch under the direction of Rimah Jabr at (HIGH HEELS AND STUFFED ZUCCHINI at KVS) and Dries Gijsels (REALTIME, in 2020). He was also the assistant to Toshiki Okada and Aurore Fattier. He co-created the show BUZZ (2015) at the Théâtre National and co-founded the collective La Station with which he created IVAN (2012) GULFSTREAM (2014) and recently PARC (2019) at the Théâtre de Liège, Théâtre de l'Ancre, kunstencentrum nona and Atelier 210. With the author Julie Remacle he creates the show C'EST PAS LA FIN DU MONDE (Jury Prize at the Festival Emulation 2021).

Eléna Doratiotto

Eléna Doratiotto graduated from Esact in 2010, performing in several productions by Raven Rüell and Jos Verbist (notably BAAL, TRIBUNA (A) L, NACHATSIEL). She co-founded the collective La Station in which she is involved as an actress and designer (IVAN, GULFSTREAM and PARC). At the same time, she began to write and work as a dúo with Benoît Piret. Together, they started a collaboration and created DES CARAVELLES ET DES BATAILLES in 2019. Lately, she worked on the creation of POINTS DE RUPTURE - directed by Françoise Bloch (October 2020 at the Théâtre National de Bruxelles).

Sarah Hebborn

Sarah Hebborn graduated from Esact in 2012. She assisted different directors (TRIBUNA (A) L by Jos Verbist and Raven Rüell, THOSE I MET MAY NOT SEE ME .. . by Nimis Groupe), and developed her own creations as soon as she left her studies and co-founded the collective La Station with which she created IVAN, GULFSTREAM and PARC. With the collective Une Tribu she created LA COURSE (Prize of the Province of Liège for a Young Company at the Rencontres de Huy, Young Jury Prize at the Festival Emulation) and presented the last show of the collective AU PIED DES MONTAGNES, in March 2021 at Balsamine.

Daniel Schmitz

Graduated from Esact in 2010, Daniel Schmitz is an actor, author, musician and puppeteer. He creates and performs with the theater collectives La Station (IVAN, GULFSTREAM, PARC), Une Tribu (LA COURSE, BLIZZARD (Prize of the Minister of Culture / Young Public Theater Meetings of Huy 2018) and AT THE FOOT OF THE MOUNTAINS). He performed in the GARUMA! play directed by Jean Michel Van den Eeyden. He also participates in the sound creation Abstract Records of the choreographer and dancer Tara D’Arquian and musically accompanies the company Que Faire? on the creation of PETITES HISTOIRES by Michel Villée.

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